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We realize that our customers now have more options than ever before for buying textbooks and course materials. We also believe that Paperback Exchange is the best possible shopping choice for you, because it provides the following benefits:

  1. No lugging books overseas from home.
  2. Knowledgeable staff who is familiar with the university programs located here in Tuscany, knows your faculty, and has worked in cooperation with them to acquire the appropriate materials.
  3. Student-friendly return policies in case a student drops a class or has a schedule change, with no need to pay for shipping these returned books by mail. (See our < Refund Policy > Link to page 20/top)
  4. Making used books available is the single most significant way that college bookstores can reduce the cost of textbooks for students.
  5. Buyback services enable students to get extra money at the end of the term for books they no longer need or want. (See our <Buy Back Scheme>Link to page 20/bottom)

In addition to price, you should consider a number of service factors before making your final textbook purchases.

  • You are considering ordering your books online? Is the book you wish to order from an online retailer "Temporarily Unavailable"? It is very easy for any online book seller to list products at unbelievably low prices, only to tag the products as "Temporarily Unavailable", in the hope that unsuspecting customers will assume that they are the cheapest source for books.

  • Will the book be available in time to be useful in class? Often online booksellers will ship the book anywhere from three to six weeks from the date of the order. Again, this timing would almost always be unacceptable to students at the start of classes.

  • Is the book being sold online the same edition that is being used in class? It is possible -- and actually has been documented -- that some textbooks being sold online are old editions. There is no evidence that there is any attempt to deceive, but having the appropriate edition of a textbook is much more important than a general reading book, for obvious reasons.

  • Remember! Shipping costs affect prices!So does international banking!

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