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Refund Policy

Textbook return for total refund is permitted upon approval of the bookshop staff, and when all of the following apply:

  • when dropping a class, for titles adopted for that class
  • when the textbooks concerned have been registered for the current semester, at our bookshop by the professor/school coordinator.
  • only during the first month of the semester and within a maximum of 15 days from date of purchase.
  • only when books are new, unused and in mint condition, shrink-wrap not removed and CD/disk pouch not opened.
  • when all cash and credit card receipts are presented at the time of return. Proof of class drop may be requested.

The following items are not eligible for return for total refund:

  • Items labelled USED (except by special permission).
  • Language titles (textbooks and workbooks).
  • Paperback novels under Euro 15,00 in value.
  • Bargain books, books on sale or price-reduced books.
  • Books purchased as firm-sale titles or which have been special ordered.
  • Textbooks purchased for courses of less than 3 months, i.e. summer courses.

Buy Back Policy

Textbook trade-ins are welcome, please keep in mind that not all books are accepted (i.e. obsolete title, new edition in progress, overstock, etc.). We are not always able to determine and guarantee trade-in eligibility at time of purchase.

Buy Back Value is determined on the basis of original purchase price and condition of the book. Textbooks in good condition (i.e. no highlighting or underlining) can receive up to 30% in cash or 40% in the form of a store credit.

See what books are currently bought back in our Textbook Lists.

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