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Is the school administration buying the books? Librarians and/or coordinators are kindly invited to communicate the following:

1. Ordering information:

• Title
• Author
• ISBN (or Publisher)
• Quantity
• Date books are needed

2. Invoicing information:

  • Ragione Sociale
    (name of school, billing address, etc.)

  • Delivery address if different from above

  • Partita IVA or Codice Fiscale
    (tax number)

  • Contact name
    (e-mail and telephone)


Our General Terms and Conditions:

  • 5% - unconditional on all stock titles.
  • 10%-15% on those titles that are pre-selected for discount at the cash desk.
Delivery Charges:
  • Standard delivery - Florence city limits: 1% of invoice total (minimum 7.00 €).
  • Standard delivery - Rest of Italy: 2% of invoice total (minimum 7.00 €).
  • Other methods of delivery - to be calculated upon request.
  • Immediate invoice.
  • Or, if agreed in advance, monthly billing. The invoice summarizes the deliveries made during the month.
  • Cash on delivery
  • Upon invoice receipt, if agreed in advance (max. 10-15 days).
  • By Credit Transfer (bonifico):
    Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze ag. 17
    Account # 8252/00
    Coordinates: L 06160 02817 000008252C00
  • By check payable to: Paperback Exchange – Firenze
  • Returns are accepted only in specific cases and must be authorized.

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