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You are also welcome to special order a book.

Ordering books to be purchased by Students individually

These guidelines have been created for when books are purchased by the students individually, in the shop. We accept textbook orders by the following methods:

  • By e-mail:
  • By fax: +39 055-2478856

We will accept a telephone order, in an emergency, but please follow-up by any of the aforementioned textbook ordering methods. Written confirmation of every order is essential to keep control over the situation, and facilitates feedback.

Professors and Coordinators are kindly invited to communicate well in advance the following information:

  • Name of School/Program
  • Course name (and course code if available)
  • Beginning date and duration
  • Professor’s name
  • Required textbook list incl.
  • Title
  • Author
  • ISBN (or Publisher)
  • Suggested titles (listed separately)
  • Estimated or definitive class enrollment.

Submit your textbook order as soon as your decision is made

It is important to inform us, as soon as possible, if you have an increase in the enrollment of your class or there has been a change in your teaching assignment(s). Please re-submit your textbook order each semester.

Due Dates For Textbook Orders

  • Fall Semester - June 1st
  • Winter Semester - October 1st
  • Summer Semester - May 1st

We have developed a method to ensure that the right course materials are ordered in the right quantities for each class. This can include locating materials that are out-of-stock at the publishers. As for used books, if we know ahead of time that a book will be used for the next term, that book may have more value at student buyback time.

How many copies do we order for your class? Our goal is to have the correct quantity of the correct title available prior to the start of each semester.

Tools we use:

  1. Enrollment information you supply to us for each course.
  2. Historical sales trends unique to each textbook and to each course (previous year's or semester's sell through).
  3. Historical enrollment trends for each course.
  4. Competition, including, online competitors, student association Used Book stores, and peer-to-peer sales.

We examine these factors to determine the correct quantity for each title. Over ordering a textbook leads to large returns to publishers, which leads to higher costs of textbooks to bookstores, which leads to higher prices on textbooks for students.


The typical steps in the course material ordering process

1. Requests arrive from the faculty, or school coordinators/librarians.

2. Requests are extensively researched. Are these materials sold in our bookstore on a regular basis (to many different programs)? What are the latest editions? Are new/used copies on hand? Which publisher currently sells the title? How many copies are likely to sell?

3. Orders are placed with the publishers for the needed quantity. At this time, problems with out-of-stock titles may be realized, and the professor will be informed.

4. When the textbooks arrive, they are unpacked, checked against the order for accuracy, priced, and shelved in a short amount of time. Our goal is to be prepared to serve the students at their arrival.

5. After the majority of the textbooks have arrived for a semester, the shelves are double checked for accuracy. Do we have the correct quantity of each title available?

6. We post the textbook list on our website with prices (new & used), discount (if applicable), buyback status.

7. We sell the books to your students.




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