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School/Faculty Area
Adoption Registration Guidelines
Ordering & Billing Instructions
Student Area
Refunf & BuyBack Policies
Textbook Lists

Special Orders If you are an Individual or a Business and would like to place an order, see our "Individuals - Orders and Requests" page. For the majority of titles it usually takes no more than 2/3 working days from USA and UK. For more information see How long will it take to get my book?

Do you need a bestselling novel? For light reading for your free time, see our “General Reading” section.

In the store, our shelves are full of college and academic titles in many areas of interest that will satisfy your immediate needs, or your curiosity. But if we don’t have what you need, we can procure it for you, normally with ease and speed. Our various special order services are used by hundreds of individuals – undergrads, researchers, professors, both native and visitors alike - and institutions based here in the Tuscan academic community.

There are over 40 North American university foreign study programs in Tuscany alone, the majority of which are in the Florentine area. Paperback Exchange serves most of these programs, dealing with both the students and the libraries, as well as several other programs situated around Italy. We also serve Italian professors and students at the University of Florence.

Our ACADEMIC area is divided into:

  • School and Faculty Area: School administrators, librarians, etc. and faculty should go to this page where they will find links to order books or register adoptions for their students.
  • Student Area: Students should click here to find out all they need to know about ordering textbooks, trading them in, and returns. They can also view book lists of texts which are registered here in our shop as adoptions currently in use.

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